We Are What Goes Bump in the Night

Brief History of Delta Green

If it were up to the old guard of Delta Green no one would know anything about who we are and where we came from. That doesn’t jibe with me. And since we don’t officially exist they can’t officially court martial my ass for telling you this.

See Delta got its start back in the 20’s when an investigation by the Treasury Department turned up something odd going on in the coastal town of Innsmouth, Mass. There was some sort of infestation among the locals, and reports indicated a local cult that worshipped some sort of sea monster had taken over the town. So Treasury called in the Navy and Coast Guard to help them get to the bottom of the strangeness. All of the official reports have been classified at the highest level but a few remaining eyewitness accounts say that the Navy bombed a reef offshore for about four hours. They also say that the Navy’s P Division, the part of the Navy set up to investigate Paranormal, Parapsychology, and Psychic phenonmena (thus P Division) recovered some knick-knacks that didn’t look like anything ever made by humans.

These artifacts were interesting enough that the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) decided to hand them over to the head spooks at the time, the Black Chamber. The Black Chamber had their crypto guys go to work on the writing on these things, but whole loads of them went bonkers studying it. By the time they finished we were smack in the middle of the Great Depression and no one wanted to hear about some doomsday cult. Plus the Black Chamber got caught in a diplomatic scandal spying on the Japanese and got itself disbanded.

But ONI, especially the guys that had been on that raid, hadn’t forgotten. So they scooped up all of the stuff the Black Chamber had been working on, as well as some of their smart guys, and kept working on this and hunting down leads on other similar odd occurrences. Up until 1942 ONI and P Division kept gathering information on this cult, as well as others out there. It turned out there were a lot of people out there doing strange things and getting strange results.

All of this changed when the US entered WWII. At the start of the war Roosevelt had a guy named Col. Donovan create a new secret intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS. One of the first things OSS did was scoop up P Division and some of the ONI guys to start working on why the Nazi’s were so interested in the occult.

What they discovered was that the Nazi SS had a secret department named Karotechia that was trying to figure out how to weaponized strange and occult occurrences. The OSS files on these activities were given a new classification, DELTA GREEN EYES ONLY. Those who were allowed to work on the investigation into Nazi occult science were granted this security clearance and learned about the strange experiments being conducted by the Third Reich.

When the Nazi’s were defeated most of the Karotechia officers went missing. Some were likely taken in by the US as part of Operation PAPERCLIP, and some were likely snatched up by the Soviets. But even more just disappeared. Documents captured in Berlin in 1945 showed a Karotechia plan to use occult resources to fight a rear guard action, and detailed attempts to summon beings not native to this world. Delta Green had been privy to one prior attempted summoning that had left Naudabaum Castle a smoking crater and which had devastated the surrounding mountain to a radius of four kilometers.

During the Summer and Fall of 1945 Delta Green agents hunted down and eliminated dozens of Nazi occultists before they could bring their mad plans into motion. All mention of this operation, and of those that sacrificed to keep untold millions alive, was erased from the record. No one outside of the Joint Chiefs and Delta Green knew of what had been done.

On October 1, 1945 President Truman disbanded the OSS, and with it Delta Green. The OSS would reform as the CIA, but Delta Green would not be reborn until June 24, 1947 when an unidentified aircraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Several Delta Green officers lobbied the President to reinstate the project. Truman acquiesced, but he also created an agency called Operation Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) to investigate the Roswell Incident. Delta Green was to investigate reports of extra-terrestrial activity abroad, but was forbidden from operating in the US which would be the domain of MJ-12.

Almost immediately Delta Green started bending the rules of our writ. While we had been forbidden from investigating extraterrestrial activity in the US, the President had said nothing about investigating other sorts of strange phenomena. And while agents did make some token efforts at investigating flying saucers around the world we mostly used it as a shield to launch Operation SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY, an attempt to locate and eliminate members of the Karotechia that had fled to South America. Additionally in 1952 Operation SIC SEMPER TYRANIS sent several covert teams into Siberia to cripple USSR paranormal research.

Most of the 50’s and 60’s saw a slog of minor victories as well as some setbacks. A shockingly high number of agents were discharged from Delta Green for mental issues, and suicide rates among former agents topped 30% by 1967. Despite this Delta Green was revitalized by the Vietnam War and the discovery that some of the hill tribes in N. Cambodia and Vietnam are worshipping versions of the occult beings found in Karotechia notes, and the even earlier raid on Innsmouth. Unfortunately the CIA opts to employ some of these cultists putting them in conflict with Delta Green.

In November of 1969 a Marine Colonel in Delta Green ordered a full battalion under his command across the border into Cambodia on an unauthorized mission. Over 300 causalities resulted and the survivors murdered the Colonel and burned his quarters upon their return. We still do not know why he ordered the men into the jungle, or what they found. The survivors were debriefed by the CIA and MJ-12.

As a result Delta Green was disbanded. Most of the active members were discharged or encouraged to retire from their respective agencies or military branches. And all pertinent Delta Green materials were turned over to other government agencies, or destroyed.

This is the beginnings of our modern group. We went underground, using connections to recruit new members who would aid us in our mission to battle the uncanny and strange. Since 1970 we have not been able to call in the full sanction of the US government, but we have learned how to cooperate and collaborate in a way that has made us, in some ways, more powerful.

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s clandestine Delta Green agents picked off cults and negated threats without anyone knowing most of the time. When we were caught it was easy to provide a story that people wanted to hear. Certainly no one else in the government seemed to care. In fact even MJ-12 had gone mysteriously silent.

In February of 1994 we found out why. Major General Reginald Fairfield, a highly decorated former member of Delta Green, was assassinated by an MJ-12 wetworks team in his home in Wyoming. Before he died he emailed all of his files, both from the pre-1970 operational days, as well as the research he had conducted after Delta Green was disbanded. Fairfield had discovered that MJ-12, tasked with studying the potential threat from aliens, had begun working with some form of non-human visitors. Fairfield believed that they had been thoroughly corrupted. Subsequent attempts to confirm this have been inconclusive, but in the wake of Fairfield’s death MJ-12 agents have become much more interested in hunting down and eliminating Delta Green agents.

The biggest step in this direction occurred after September 11, 2001. Using the reorganization of intelligence and law enforcement agencies that occurred in the wake of the terrorist attacks, MJ-12 placed many of their own people at the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). These appointees have used the pretense of routine security checks to uncover and expose a number of Delta Green agents.

At the same time MJ-12 has shown no interest in investigating other occult or odd phenomena, their response seems to be purely driven by Fairfield and others’ investigations into their dealings with whatever landed at Roswell. This puts us in a tricky place as we are losing the war against MJ-12, and as we lose agents more cults and more unexplained occurrences go uncheck and unstopped.


Kylleran Kylleran

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