We Are What Goes Bump in the Night

Mission Briefing for I-Cell

You are being called in because the previous I-cell members are incapacitated and we need someone in the area to respond to the loss of one of our own, and to cover up any unusual aspects that may come to light in this case.
Your cover will be that you are investigating the murder of Colonel Walter Pondsmith on 15 August, 2015. Col. Pondsmith is retired from the Army, but served his country with distinction. He was also a member of Delta Green. He retired from active ops in 2011, but has acted as a friendly face and occasional intelligence source since then. We fear that his murder was not random, but possible revenge for a past operation.

Witnesses in Pondsmith’s neighborhood reported seeing three suspects; Cam Bradley, Jimmy Jack Hurley, and a third unidentified man parked outside of Pondsmith’s residence in a blue Ford F-150 truck on the evening of 13 August, 2015.

Surveillance footage taken from a convenience store near Horseshoe Lake Park on the evening of 15 August, 2015 positively identified a blue Ford F-150 truck registered to Bradley entering the park. The camera showed two men in the cab of the truck, an additional man in the bed, and a large object covered with a tarp or blanket also in the bed.

Early yesterday morning, the 16th, a jogger discovered Col. Pondsmith’s burned body suspended from a make shift cross on the North side of the Lark. The official story we are giving out is that this is a hate crime by a group calling itself Odin’s White Berserkers, and both Hurley and Bradley are members of the group. We do not know how the third man is involved.

In addition to Col. Pondsmith’s past the initial reports from the Medical Examiner’s office stated that there were unusual properties to the murder, specifically that there were no signs of any type of fuel or accelerant used to burn Col. Pondsmith. I’ve ordered a stop on the autopsy until your people can take over.

In addition to this briefing you will also have access to a Green Box located in South St. Louis. This was I-cell’s primary Green Box and it’s exact contents are currently unknown, but it may have items that could come in handy. Additionally if you find any pieces of evidence or items that may be difficult to explain I recommend storing them in the Green Box.


Kylleran Kylleran

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