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If you’re reading this it’s because something horrible has happened and you are needed. In this specific case the ‘something horrible’ is the disappearance of a top-secret multi-agency task force code named ‘i-cell’. You have been chosen to become the new i-cell. You may decline, if you do nothing will happen and no one will know about this offer, if you keep your mouth shut. If you decline and decide to blab about this to your CO or just around the chow hall you’ll be lucky if you end up with a Section 8, more likely case is that you get a one-way ticket to an ally with less stringent policies on detainees and the Geneva Conventions.
But you are being asked to join because you’ve seen some shit. You know what I mean, and at least one other person does as well. You’ve shown that when you see something that doesn’t quite fit the way you’ve been told the world works you didn’t shoot your mouth off, you didn’t lose it in a way that made you unfit for duty, but you also didn’t pretend it never existed. You were careful, and you asked the right questions in the right way and got some answers that started you on a path. This is where that path leads, an invitation to join i-cell.
Right about here is where I’m supposed to get into the mission brief and give you the particulars of who, what, and where. But that’s the way the old guard did it, treating new members like mushrooms; alone in the dark and fed an endless supply of shit. That won’t cut it in the post-9/11 world anymore. What you are being offered is membership in an organization called Delta Green. You’ve never heard of us? Good, that’s as it should be.
I’ve attached another file to this message that gives you an ever so brief run down of who Delta Green is and what they’ve done so you can get a better idea of the sort of job you’re being asked to do. But don’t be under illusions, what you are being asked to do is illegal. We are not sanctioned by any official and haven’t been since the early 70’s. If you are caught you will be disavowed, if your colleague, friend, partner, or other intimate relation is part of DG and gets caught, then they are dead to you. What you are being asked to do is bigger than any one agent, even any fifty agents. We do what we do not because we’ve been asked, but because if we don’t then innocent people suffer. The United States suffers. And if you’re the sort that doesn’t care about other people or this country, then we’ve got you pegged wrong. But I say you are, and someone else down the line did as well. That’s why you’ve been asked to risk it all for little to nothing.
Delta Green will not get you promoted, in fact possibly the opposite if you don’t cover your tracks.
Delta Green will not make you rich, there is no paycheck for doing this.
Delta Green will not get you medals or honors. If you do your job correctly no one will ever know.
Now that that is out of the way let me tell you what Delta Green wants from its new recruits:
- Your top priority is to protect innocent people from the kinds of threats regular law enforcement and military just aren’t equipped to handle. You’ll know ‘em when you see ‘em.
- Secondary to that you are to maintain the security of the United States from said threats. This can, and may very well include acting against agents of our own government who are too blinded by short-sighted gain to see the long term consequences of their actions.
- Tertiary responsibilities are to gather any and all intelligence surrounding said threats. If this is not possible then any intel is to be destroyed so as to deny it to the enemy.
The other cells of Delta Green will do what they can to cover for you, and you may be asked to do the same for another cell someday as well. But you should always try to do what you can to create plausible explanations for your actions. Some of the things you will likely see will get you sent to a psych ward if you were to tell outsiders about them, so make your stories good, and make them believable.
That is all. Your mission briefing is attached. If you need any outside support besides that given to you then you will contact me. At this point in time, as far as you know, I am the only other member of Delta Green left alive out there.
Hector (h-cell)


Kylleran Kylleran

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