Ex-con Army Investigator


Code Name: India

High Concept: Ex-con turned investigator
Trouble: Flashbacks to bad trip
Fear stimulus: Spiders
Anger Stimulus: People being cruel to animals
Noble Stimulus: Protecting animals
- I may have killed someone and I don’t know why
- Dr. Clark may know my secret


Peaches was a low-level dealer who sold mostly weed and hallucinogens to college kids in the ‘burbs. All this changed after a night getting high on his own supply brought him vivid hallucinations of violence, loneliness, and running scared. When he awoke, Peaches found himself covered in blood and in the middle of some sort of runed circle drawn on the ground in the basement of an abandoned house. Nearby was the corpse of another young man, also covered in blood, though lacking any visible wounds or cause of death. Freaked out, Peaches ran and never told anyone of what had happened. He spent the next few months living in constant fear during the days that he would be found out, and reliving horrible dreams of violence at night when he tried to sleep.
No longer wanting to be a dealer Peaches tried to clean up his act by paying a forger he knew to falsify his records and erase all evidence of his past criminal activities. He then enlisted in the Army, serving for eight years in Iraq and Afghanistan before applying for, and being accepted into, the Criminal Investigations Command, the CID (Criminal Investigation Division) at the rank of Staff Sergeant.
Peaches was relocated to Quantico for training and was later assigned to Ft. Leonard Wood in rural Missouri where he ran into Dr. Samantha Clark, a contractor for Forensic Solutions Incorporated. Dr. Clark seemed to know about Peaches former line of work as a drug dealer and leaned on him to acquire a package of illegal narcotics. Peaches complied out of fear, but now is left wondering how much Dr. Clark knows, and how she found out.
Additionally Peaches has seen DEA Special Agent Petyr Kowalski during a stop over in St. Louis and recognized the Special Agent from his time as a dealer. Peaches doesn’t know what he’s going to do with this information yet, but he is suspicious of the Special Agent.

Finally last year Peaches was contacted by a First Lieutenant at Leonard Wood whom he knew vaguely but who insisted he use a code name in all correspondence with the agent. So Peaches began doing a little bit of work on the side for Agent Isabelle who would often ask questions about strange behaviors by some of the troops on base, and what kinds of drugs they might have taken. No official investigators ever came across Peaches’ desk, but two weeks ago he was contacted by someone who said they knew Isabelle and needed Peaches’ help, and who gave Peaches his own code name.


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