Col. Walter Pondsmith

Deceased former Delta Green Agent


Known Aliases: Agent Corso
Date(s) of Birth Used: November 11, 1942
Place of Birth: Boston, Ma
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’0"
Complexion: Dark
Weight: 155 pounds
Sex: Male
Build: Frail
Race: African-American
Occupations: Colonel in the U.S. Army
Nationality: American
Known Associates: Classified
Scars or Marks: Col. Pondsmith had received a replacement hip after an accident in 2012.


Col. Walter Pondsmith entered the Army as a newly minted Lieutenant in October of 1961. He fought in Vietnam and was promoted several times as well as being awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his involvement in fighting along the Cambodian/Vietnamese border. After the war he continued his rise through the ranks before retiring in 2002 at the rank of full Colonel.

Col. Pondsmith was also a member of Delta Green, having been inducted into the organization in 1967 after stumbling upon the remains of a South Vietnamese unit that had been killed by the CIA’s Tcho-tcho allies. When the organization was formally disbanded in 1970 Pondsmith joined the conspiracy and served in some capacity for the next forty years.

Col. Pondsmith’s body is current at the Granite City Police Department’s morgue awaiting autopsy by the agents. Initial reports however had to use his dental records to identify him because the corpse was so badly burned.

Col. Walter Pondsmith

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