Asha Chaudhary

Curious FBI Investigator


Code Name: Indra

High Concept: Curious FBI Investigator
Trouble: Orphaned and no family
Fear stimulus: Blood and gore
Anger Stimulus: Irrational beliefs
Noble Stimulus: Family and friends
- There’s more out there than meets the eye
- I have to work harder than those jerks in the private sector
- Alex knows at least part of the truth of what’s out there


Asha Chaudhary lost her parents to a home intrusion gone wrong. When he was discovered the intruder attacked both her parents with a knife killing them. It was three year old Asha who discovered the blood soaked bodies when she came down to see what had happened. Raised in foster care she quickly learned to take care of herself and use her wits to get out of most scrapes. Unlike most in the system she managed to do well and attend college. A degree in Criminal Justice netted her an internship with the FBI, and then a job offer and post-graduate training in cryptography.
Asha rose steadily through the ranks until September 11. After the terrorist attacks the FBI was reorganized and she applied for, and was granted, a transfer to the FBI’s National Security Branch. She did well and was rewarded with a promotion to Special Agent in Charge in 2008 and a posting as the FBI’s intelligence liaison to the the NGA in St. Louis, Mo.
Despite all of her accomplishment Asha remains haunted by a case she worked in the late 90’s when she was forced to use her sidearm in self-defense. Despite scoring multiple hits on the suspect he showed no signs of having taken any wounds and made an escape, leaving behind a strange rune-marked stone, but no blood.
Until recently the only person she’d ever told about this incident was Dr. Alex Megalos, a CIA analyst she met several years ago on assignment. Rather than dismiss her story as fantastic or a delusion, Megalos showed her a version of that rune that had been used by French cult that ritualistically ate human flesh in the 1790’s.
Because of her experiences Asha had also been tapped to do some crypto work under the radar for a fellow agent who went by the call-sign Ira. Now Ira’s buddies in Delta Green have come calling and have given Asha a call-sign of her own and a chance to find out what is really going on.

Asha Chaudhary

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