Danny de la Pena

Crack-pot Conspiracy Theorist


Known Aliases: DDP_Grey, InsiderJob911
Date(s) of Birth Used: January 28, 1988
Place of Birth: Austin, TX
Hair: Black, shoulder length kept in a pony-tail
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’3"
Complexion: Light Brown
Weight: 168 pounds
Sex: Male
Build: Thin
Race: Hispanic
Occupations: Blogger
Scars or Marks: de la Pena typically wears corrective lenses for myopia, he has a large birthmark on his lower back in the approximate shape of England, tattoo on right forearm in digital font that reads 11/24/97-9/11/01.

Summary: Arrest records show multiple arrests for de la Pena mostly related to attempted trespass on military sites or for stalking of military and government personnel. Currently serving probation from 2014 for arrests related to attempted B&E of residence of Col. Pondsmith US Army (Ret.) who declined to press charges, however responding officers did charge him with resisting arrest and public intoxication.

de la Pena runs the popular conspriacy theorist blog ‘Shadow Government Rising’ where he offers his, and others’, opinions on issues such as the 9/11 attacks, global finance, alien visitations and abductions, and what he refers to as ‘the Lemurian conspiracy to replace government agents’.

Background Information:
Lives in Mehlville


Danny de la Pena

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