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Welcome to the wiki for the campaign. I’ve organized some resources here that may help you get oriented to the game, the game world, and some of the concepts we may encounter.

As the campaign goes on this page should fill up, a lot of the content is hidden to your (and your investigators) right now because you haven’t encountered it. Once you do I’ll make it visible.

Major Organizations
Delta Green
Majestic 12

Major Characters
Asha Chaudhary
Samantha Clark
Alex Megalos
Petyr Kowalski

Other Delta Green Agents

DG Friendlies
Ranger Langhorne

Kendra Crenshaw
Cameron Bradley
James Jackson Hurley
Lawrence Hastings
Markus Carnahan

Crime Scene: Horseshoe Lark Park, Il
Pondsmith House
[[South City St. Louis Green Box | South City St. Louis Green Box]]

Main Page

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